Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The Beard

First off let me apologies for the missed week, It was a mixture of computer messing up and really bad sleep pattern! I'll try not to let it happen again :)

Today I'm going to talk about my beard. I've taken to drawing it like this: 
But this isn't exactly accurate, in fact my face looks more like this:
So the obvious question is, if I want to be more feminine, why don't I shave? Well the first thing is that I takes time and is a pain in the ass to do everyday. I've never been very good at having a daily routine and I have a habit of over sleeping and rushing out at the last minute which isn't behavior conducive to having time to shave. I also quite like having a beard, it suits me and adds a certain gravitas to my appearance. To boot being able to grow a proper beard makes a lot of men envious!
However a deeper reason I keep my beard is somewhat ... ceremonial I guess is the word. One of the things I always have to do when dressing up is to shave, I always feel more feminine just after shaving; probably because it's the only real reason I do so. I generally try to grow my beard out between times I dress up, almost like a visible marker to remind me how long it's been. It's not something I do consciously but I do occasional look in the mirror and thing "wow it's been x months since I shaved".

The thing is, I tend to get into this strange place where my beard is starting to get irritating, or when I feel like dressing up but don't have an event or similar upcoming. Basically I don't want to shave my beard off for what feels like no reason, or at least not a great reason. I don't want to waste that feeling I get when I shave, and I especially don't want it to become less potent, if I was clean shaven all the time I suspect I would start to think I looked less feminine dressed up. 

Eventually something comes along and my beard disappears but those are getting less and less frequent, partly because I never want to dress up on the fly because of my beard, it's a really annoying circle.

At this point I went to have a shave, seemed like the thing to do.

Since this is quite a short post I'll give a little update on what's been going on. I've been dressing up a bit more, just around the house and not really doing all the make up and the like (now that I've shaved I might bother, there's nothing like a bead to ruin lipstick and eye shadow). I also got a cute new dress and some awesome shapewear which helps cover up my gut, which I'm trying to lose. I'm trying to give up snacking between meals as well as chocolates and sweets for the next 6 weeks (yeah it's lent, I'm not religious so I feel bad saying that's what I'm doing it for). Hopefully I'll dress up a little more soon :)

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  1. Another lovely blog post.

    It's brilliant to hear you're dressing up more. You sound comfortable with the pace you're going at.

    To re-state, you in a dress is lovely. It cheers me up to see you that happy. :)