Monday, 5 November 2012

Hello World, It's been a while ...

So I'm now living in Ely and Izzy is working in Cambridge! We have a new house and we're (slowly) decorating it. Life isn't too bad, it mostly consists of sitting at home not doing very much.

Why did I stop posting?
Short answer, I don't remember. I think I just got out of the habit like I do with many things.

What's happened since February?
Related to the subject matter, an array of events occurred at which I dressed up, several of which were public. This included going to a restaurant for a leaving party, attending Liverpool pride, and going out to a local pub for a drink with friends. Which shows a great improvement on my habit of not dressing up, or going out. However since the move I let my beard grow and my clothes linger in suitcases. Also, my mood has really taken a dive. Being stuck inside all day with no one I know around and Izzy working all week the house has been a lonely place.

When I moved to Liverpool I had the structure of being a fresher which dampened the effect of the new environment, it didn't mater that I had no idea about the city because hey, no one else did. And now I've moved here, and I've not managed to get a job yet so I'm stuck in the house.

Oh, I also bought a few new things including some nice new heeled Dr Marten boots as well as a couple of new items of clothing.

What am I going to do?
Short answer, I don't really know. But I plan to post on here more, and in order to encourage me to make at least 26 posts I'm going to do an A to Z, addressing different areas. So far I've thought of A to M, hopefully the rest will fill in as I go.
Also hopefully this will help me work though more stuff and maybe try and fix some things.

The bright side is that I've met some nice people in Cambridge, namely the Cambridge University Treasure Trap society (or CUTT). They are very nice people and have been extremely welcoming.

Short post I know, but I hope to write more soon :)

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